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Yoga for Kids | Why children need yoga as much as adults do!

Yoga for Kids
Yoga for Kids

Everyone knows yoga is excellent for adults and that’s why millions around the globe pursue this practice religiously. But have you ever wondered that yoga could only be for adults? Well, absolutely not! Yoga should ideally begin at an early age. That way kids can grow into a well-rounded individual instead of coming to yoga as a ‘quick-fix’ later in life sometime. But why wait so long to begin in the first place!

It is a gift to humanity. The sooner a kid starts yoga, the better it is as one can reap the lifelong benefits of this ancient practice.

There are some significant advantages to beginning yoga early. We all know adults fight stress in various forms every day. It also won’t be wrong to say today’s children may be just as stressed! As a kid, imagine having to keep up with the growing academic competition, deal with adolescence, puberty, and peer pressure. It’s a constant effort to stay involved in extracurricular activities and meet their parents and teachers’ expectations. Don’t you think for a kid, this is quite a lot to handle?

Yoga is beneficial for children. The practice has an enormous effect on the body and the systems that support it, like the respiratory, digestive, and nervous system. Yoga influences children’s emotions and behavior. It has a positive effect on their mental state.

Just like one preps the soil before you sow seeds, one has to prepare the mind. While it is believed that kids can be difficult to influence, some are actually quite receptive. Yoga can help mold their ‘quality of consciousness,’ bring it to the correct perspective. We can say the quality of consciousness is good when one is in a state of awareness and is receptive. It is considered not so good if you find yourself unable to focus on anything, more often lost in thoughts, lack of information retention or poor memory.

So what is the correct age for kids to start yoga? None, it seems! There are classes held for 6 week-old babies with their moms. Do what works best for your kid. They love to copy adults, in both appearance and activity. So the chances of your child already trying to imitate your yoga are quite high. Not to worry! It’s best to let them try – but of course, the simple asanas. Be sure to give them support while they are at their yoga game. Encourage them by practicing together. In fact, yoga can become a fun bonding activity for you and your child.

Psychologists believe that kids’ ability to understand concepts and ideas that build the foundation of their being starts sooner than we first thought.

Children can grow and flourish with yoga and mindfulness. As time goes by, encourage children into karma yoga – where they start to become mindful of their surroundings, help with small tasks, earn some responsibility, understand and develop morals. This will teach them mindfulness.

You need not become obsessed about teaching them yoga and start before they can even walk. When the age is right, you will see that they start imitating you and gradually will pick up faster than you think! Let it be a free-flowing activity – one that builds and empowers them, for a healthier mind and body. It is an empowering gift to give a child – one that they will have for life at all stages.

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