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5 Ways to Boost your Endorphins

ways to boost your endorphins

Four hormones determine a human’s happiness – Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. Our body regulates the way we feel with chemicals called neurotransmitters and each of these have its own role to play. It is essential we understand these hormones and how to boost them – after all, our happiness …

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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric or ‘Curcumin’ is considered to be one of the most potent spice and found everywhere in the form of tea, capsules, and even turmeric lattes! According to Dr. Michael Greger, author of ‘How Not to Die’, more than 5,000 articles have been published in medical journals about the health …

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Benefits of Ginger – Spices of Ayurveda


Spices of Ayurveda Food is considered the most important pillar of health, according to Ayurveda. And digestion is believed to be the cornerstone of health and immunity. And so, that is where the magic and benefit of ginger come in action. Ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”? …

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Simple Steps to a Consistent Yoga Practice

Steps to a Consistent Yoga Practice

Simple Steps to a Consistent Yoga Practice Start Small Success Begets Success. Its okay to have a humble start. One common mistake in starting a new habit is to go all-in with extreme effort. You end up wearing yourself out before you even get off the ground! You need not …

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