Yoga Classes Help With Stress Management

Yoga Classes

We have become accustomed to living under constant stress. Right from work deadlines and family disagreements to traffic jams and over-packed schedules, it has become a part of everyday life. Just around the corner will be yet another situation to make you raise your shoulders up around your ears and …

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Beginners Yoga Vocabulary – Part II

Beginners Yoga Vocabulary

Namaste! We often tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward. The reason people know yoga terms is because they have practiced them in and out of yoga classes. Just as you learn a new language, so is it with yoga vocabulary – you go step by step. …

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Chair Yoga for Workspace

Chair Yoga

With our hectic 21st century lifestyle, time to relax and rejuvenate our mind and body is majorly lacking. Fortunately, small changes to your routine can help improve health, boost performance and reduce stress. Here are five feel-good chair yoga poses you can practice without having to leave your office desk. …

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12 Mudras for Healthy Living


Believe it – Your health is in your hands! Our hands are blessed with virtues of wellness; we just need to realize it. Mudras or a mudra is a posture or positioning of hands and fingers intended to connect parts of the body to the brain as life energy flows …

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Beginners Yoga Vocabulary – Part I

Yoga Vocabulary

Namaste. Vinyasa. Shanti. As you start your journey with yoga, you would hear some words more often than not. At times, it can be intimidating for beginners trying to figure out what they mean. Beginners Yoga Vocabulary familiarises us by using both Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language used in yoga …

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